Friday, October 31, 2014

Health Risks & Portable Classrooms: Research & Reports

Do School Facilities Really Impact A Child's Education?

The Crisis - Facilities

Study: Portable Classrooms Noisy, Pose Health Risks to Children | Fox News,2933,575542,00.html#ixzz2OIJ3pPRp

Toxic Schools

Introducti​on to Molds | Mold Remediatio​n in Schools and Commercial Buildings |
US Environmen​tal Protection Agency

"Evaluatin​g Potential Health Risks in Relocatabl​e Classrooms​" by Katchen, Mark; LaPierre, Adrienne; Charlin, Cary; Brucker, Barry; Ferguson, Paul - Journal of School Health, Vol. 71, Issue 4, April 2001 | Questia, Your Online Research Library

In Potomac, Portable Classrooms Are a Persistent Headache

Exploring The Legal Implications of IAQ in Portable Classrooms

CNN Report--Schools Making Kids Sick?

                   Lists, Collections, Handbooks
The Center for School Mold Help

The Green Schools Handbook
How to Protect Children in the Classroom and Create Toxic-Free Environments

NCEF Resource List: Portable Classrooms

Reading, Writing, and Risk

Schools are facing two
epidemics: an epidemic of
deteriorating facilities and an epidemic of asthma among

Air Pollution Inside
California’s Portable Classrooms

An exhaustive review
of the scientific literature finds clear evidence that some
portables can expose children to toxic chemicals at levels that pose an unacceptable risk of cancer or other serious illness.
Reading,Writing and Risk

Indoor environments with potentially high concentrations of airborne toxic chemicals can be particularly hazardous for children. Not only is the dose of a chemical important, but so is the timing of the exposure. Even exposure to extremely small concentrations at a critical period of development can have lifelong effects (Porter 1999).

Excerpts from:
Air Pollution Inside
California’s Portable Classrooms

Sunday, October 5, 2014

CUSD's Deferred Maintenance & Repair Plan: A House of Cards

The remaining bond (or building) money is actually “Matching Funds” and has ...
(1)--No time limit attached to its use. 
(2)--It can also be used for anything designated or approved under the Measure-A guidelines/restrictions—which (as Mr. Campbell stated at the 9/16 meeting) are quite varied (or general) in nature. Basically—bond money cannot be used for payroll; but it can (and should) be used to meet the district’s severe maintenance, repair, and construction needs—which are many. The level and depth of the health and dignity needs--district wide--are staggering: (this is a short list ... a work in progress):

--Roof/Ceiling Repair WPE Multipurpose Room [health and safety]
--Kitchen at TMS (16 years of Health Code violations) [health, safety, dignity]
--Remove and replace aged Portable Classrooms—district wide (at JLE most portables have original 26 y/o carpeting)—[health, safety, dignity]
--Ingress and Egress at JLE (Safety)
--Repair and/or replace leaky ceilings and roofs district-wide (JLE has had ongoing issues in this area) [health and safety]
--HVAC systems on aged classrooms and facilities (district wide) [health and safety]
--Repair and replace Playground/Sports Fields playing surfaces [health and safety]
--Repair and Replace campus fencing (boundaries and perimeters) [health, safety, modernization]
--Repair/upgrade waste-water treatment ponds (JLE and TMS) to modern standard of operation [health and safety]


The maintenance and repair outlook (and plan) for CUSD appears very bleak and short-sighted; primarily because there are not adequate funds available to meet the district's long-term needs. Ideally, there was a much more optimistic view prior to the board accepting the Lease-Leaseback agreement with Carter-Kelly (in preparation of the construction of the Performing Arts Center).

As CUSD attempts to navigate forward through a well-documented and severe budget crisis (aka fiscal dire straits), we discover (as of 9/16/2014) there are no longer sufficient funds (or a feasible plan) to adequately repair and/or maintain classrooms and/or facilities in the largest school district in Calaveras County.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

CSEA Endorses School Board Candidates: Kelly Smith & Kyle Krauss

For the record, the CUSD Classified Union--CSEA--will endorse the challenger candidates--Kelly Smith and Kyle Krauss (in the upcoming election) rather than the incumbents--Karan Bowsher and Evan Garamendi.

Why was the Admin Raise so Substantial?


Why was the raise so big? 

A better question might be: what is the cost for loyalty? 

I believe (as CUSD runs into a series of severe financial storms) the Superintendent will need support: allies, officers, and trustworthy comrades to weather the rocky shores of financial disaster. No man is an island.

The two administrators, in my opinion, are receiving substantial wage increases--in advance--for their expected diligence and loyalty during the upcoming and ongoing storms (similar to the band on the Titanic that continued to “play on” while the unsinkable ocean liner slowly slipped beneath the icy water). 

There is, of course, a risk for making such a brash "loyalty" offering in broad daylight. 
There is a risk, also, for accepting such an offering. 

The next board meeting on the 22nd, will shed light on both—the one who offers . . . and the one(s) who stand to gainfully receive.