Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lights are on, but Nobody's . . . at School

Just a quick message (or alert) to let the Calaveras educational community know (or be aware) that on Thursday 7/18 and Friday 7/19 parking lot lights (and a large number of exterior facility lights) were on during daylight hours at 3 CUSD campuses. 

The odd thing is, except for a few dedicated teachers, CUSD school sites are primarily empty; the 2013-2014 school year is due to start up again July 29th.

I am not sure at what time during the day (or afternoon) these lights initially came on; I first noticed parking lot lights on (and shining bright) at 5:30pm. Currently, however, it doesn't get dark (or dusk) until 8:30pm or 8:45pm. This appears to be a major opportunity for energy conservation.

Calaveras High School:

Lower Student Parking Lot

Toyon Middle School:

Bus loop parking lot

Parking lot in front of office

Classroom exterior lights (new building)

Jenny Lind Elementary School:

Upper and lower parking lots

The hope (or idea) is to bring sufficient attention to this issue so adjustments can be made (by CUSD) to keep the cost of maintaining the district to a minimum. As these are economically difficult times (as discussed in the most recent board meeting) I'm sure the tax paying citizens of Calaveras County would greatly appreciate any adjustments and/or conservation efforts put forth in this area by the district.

In your everyday travels (as a parent, citizen, or student) if you happen to discover or find ways that CUSD might improve in their efforts or abilities to conserve energy ... please let us know:
Call--(209) 765-3613

We will make every effort to contact or notify the school district as soon as possible.

CUSD District Office
P.O. Box 788 - 3304 Highway 12
San Andreas CA 95249 209-754-2300

CUSD Maintenance and Operations: 209-754-2334

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out of Order

There are some areas within Calaveras Unified 
(our local school district) 
that could (and should) be tagged--
Sometimes you just know
(or have a sense) that things 
are not right. 
TMS Basketball Court

TMS: Open Boxcar with Deteriorating Gym Mats

CHS: (FFA) Weeds, Deteriorating Green House

CHS: Tennis Courts

JLE: Floating Reed Island in Waste Water Pond

TMS: Aged Food Service Trailer

TMS: Food Service Trailer Window

TMS: Water Tank (Inoperable Water Gauge)

TMS Gym: Cliff Swallow Nest
TMS Gym--Cliff Swallow Excrement

Valley Springs Elementary: Boarded Window

JLE: 26 year-old Portable Classrooms (with original carpeting--except #51)