Monday, May 7, 2012

Role of the County Superintendent of Schools

California County Superintendents of Schools
From Establishment to Current Program Responsibilities
Prepared by Susan K. Burr, Executive Director
September 22, 2010

Williams v. California Settlement

In the fall of 2004, the state settled the Williams v. California lawsuit related to equitable educational opportunities for all students.

Legislation which codified the settlement created new standards for textbook sufficiency, teacher quality, and good repair of facilities for all California public schools.

The settlement also required County Superintendents, as the monitoring agents, to ensure that these new standards were implemented.

While all schools must comply with the requirements of the settlement, County Superintendents are required to annually visit schools performing in the lowest 30% on the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) and prepare quarterly and annual reports to local district governing boards, county boards, and boards of supervisors on compliance with the Williams standards.

In 2009, over 2,100 schools in 48 counties were identified to receive the additional oversight by County Superintendents. (page 3)