Monday, June 15, 2015

Calaveras Unified Veteran Trustees: A Letter of Concern

Letter of Concern Directed to the 3 Veteran Trustees of Calaveras Unified:

Trustee Bowsher
Trustee McDaniel
Trustee Reusche (Current CUSD Board President)

I believe the only way to save or turn around this faltering school district is for the three veteran school board members to change or drop their alliance & allegiance to the current Superintendent.

It is your consistent voting record (in lock step with the Superintendent) that provides evidence of your allegiance.

Veteran Trustees your loyalty has led to leadership by tyranny. We are tired of tyranny.

From a citizens point of view it is your loyalty and allegiance to Superintendent Campbell that is blocking change (positive & beneficial) from occurring in this district. You are ...

    Blocking Transparency
    Hindering District Unity
    Discouraging (and Defusing) Community Involvement & Trust
    Deflecting & Derailing Professional Growth & Collaboration (from inside & outside the district)

As a citizen (watching from the front row) it is obvious and clear, you 3 Veteran Trustees are gaining something from your present relationship with the Superintendent:

It has come to the point in your combined years of service that you 3 veteran Board Members have become OBLIGATED to vote in lock step with the Superintendent? You have become obligated to evaluate the Superintendent with your eyes closed to his serious and severe misdeeds and professional shortcomings. Your obligations keep you blind to your true duties as a school board member, which is to INDEPENDENTLY support and protect the students (and staff) of this district.

• Obligations to the Superintendent come in a variety forms:

Such as access to positions and employment, or when the Superintendent overlooks (and supports) a Trustee's past history of deceit and misrepresentation.

What you are gaining in the relationship with the superintendent leaves you in an obligated position--a position which a Trustee (an elected official) should never find themselves in. You, overall, must be obligated to the students, staff, and the community which elected you. Your allegiance should be first and foremost to your constituents, not to the Superintendent (your one employee).

Your job as a Trustee is NOT to befriend and protect the district superintendent.

You need to imagine a better, healthier, highly efficient school district; you are obligated to not only imagine, but to actively seek positive change during a district's time of need. That such time and conditions are heavily upon us. You should be actively seeking a positive change in leadership. By not doing so, you have been holding this district hostage to negative and destructive forces.

Don't continue down the "same old path." You have an obligation to stop the long term agony and suffering; to stop the financial chaos and the crisis in leadership; to stop the ridicule and negative perception that CUSD receives from surrounding school districts (hiring and then firing the same 8 teachers--within a week--has damaged this district for many years to come). CUSD has become a well known professional risk, fearfully avoided by most educators seeking to start a career.

This citizen is requesting that you withdraw your blinded allegiance to the Superintendent and instead fulfill your responsibility and obligation to the citizens and constituents of this district.

By doing so (by stepping outside your loyalty) there would be No more perfect (5.0) Superintendent Evaluations:
          • District issues need to be reflected in the Superintendent's evaluation:
          • Vote of "No Confidence" in Superintendent's ability to lead (by 74% of district teachers) must be reflected in the Superintendent's upcoming evaluation.

 If you are ignoring the issues (blinded to the reality of our current circumstances) you are not fulfilling the role for which you were elected.

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