Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time to Condemn the TMS Food Service Trailer

Plywood over Trailer Window
In light of the accident that occurred yesterday in the TMS food service trailer, in which a CUSD food service employee was injured when a window fell out from an inside wall (due to severe dry-rot), its time to seriously consider condemning the aged food service trailer.

Superintendent Campbell has postponed the building of a TMS kitchen for several years. The promise of an adequate Toyon kitchen has been made (and broken) for a number of years.

Before another CUSD employee gets seriously injured or maimed, it is highly recommended that CUSD condemn the aged food service trailer and immediately invest in a kitchen facility at TMS that is safe and dignified.

After 18 years of documented health code violations, it is way past time for the Toyon food service facility (the "Hut" and"Trailer") to be closed and condemned.

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