Sunday, June 14, 2015

Email Addresses for CUSD Board Members

First Posted May 2015

Why Contact Your Local 
School Board Members? 

Here are a Few Reasons Why:
  • Who is going to name the CUSD Performing Arts Center? Tax payers will pay for it, but Superintendent Campbell has proposed naming the PAC after ex-superintendent James Frost: Calaveras Enterprise "Objections stall name for new CHS theater"
  • The CUSD Budget Crisis: should CUSD borrow money while in a "Qualified" Status?
  • Teacher Layoffs and Classroom Sizes: Is there an end in sight?
  • Is Superintendent Campbell capable to lead the district? Teachers Union: 74% Voted "No Confidence" in Superintendent Campbell's ability to provide effective leadership. Calaveras Enterprise: "Unions, administration, wrestling with cuts in CUSD" by Mike Taylor' May 8, 2015
  • What has been done to resolve the Special Education Crisis at Jenny Lind Elementary: there is currently a need for 2-3 special educators at this school site.
  • Keeping small schools open: Is this a priority for Board Members?
  • Hiring (& retaining) highly qualified teachers and support staff: when will the "cutting" stop?
  • Is the district attracting and hiring highly qualified directors and managers to the district office? Individuals that are independent and able to stand on their own professional merit?
  • What has been done to resolve or eliminate the bully epidemic in the district?
  • Where do the board members stand in regards to dignity issues throughout the district: such as the completion of a Toyon kitchen?
  • What can be done to build educational solidarity within the district, rather than the current (and ongoing) fracturing and infighting?

Calaveras Unified School District Board Members

Sherri Reusche (Current Board President)

Zerral McDaniel

Karan Bowsher

Gregory Gustafson (phone calls welcome: 209-604-5800)

Kelly Smith

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