Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Presumptuous and Controlling King

    Public comments at the CUSD School Board meeting May 5, 2015.

The premature vote to name the CUSD Performing Arts Center after ex-superintendent James Frost was more than just Presumptuous.

The first attempt never reflected the will of the people, but only Superintendent Campbell's very own personal point of view and preference.

The arrogance of the premature vote was, ideally, an abuse of power and position. From a citizen's point of view the Superintendent was acting as if he had a "privileged entitlement" to the naming of the Calaveras performing arts center.

It is my point of view, as well as many others, that Superintendent Campbell knew full well about the "PROCESS" of naming a district building. However, when Trustee Bowser had to dismiss herself due to a family emergency at the last meeting, Mr. Campbell (suddenly & unexpectedly) did not have the necessary 3 votes to capture the "premature" naming of the PAC.

If he had received the 3 votes, he would have kept the Frost name and apologized for the oversight: "too late to change it now," would have been the echo.

The Superintendent attempted to AGAIN circumvent the local education system to his advantage--like raises for office administrators (just "house-cleaning") and the so-called amphitheater "concept" vote for the 2nd PAC.

When it's all said and done ... It would have been too late to go back (we've heard it before): "the board already voted ... Can't go back and change it now!"

Shame on you Veteran Board Members & CSBA Vice President! Because you did not raise an eyebrow to stop or derail Mr. Campbell's attempt to force the name upon the district's tax-paying citizens, you are (again) accomplices to the Superintendent's abuse of power and position.

The CUSD administration can be honest ... (It is within their ability); however, when push comes to shove and there is an issue to be protected, the lines of integrity and honesty are quickly and easily blurred. This administration is too willing to do whatever it takes to keep their positions and priorities protected, even if that means lying, cheating, bullying, or deceiving.

You must take great pride in your ability to accomplish these deceptive votes & projects; however these very same "accomplishments" stand out as the very reasons the CUSD staff and community at large no longer trust you; you are too deceitful & deceptive in your capabilities & motives , Sir.

An enormous amount of craftiness, deception, and determination was used to get 2 CUSD office administrators large pay increases--$24K each. The same deceptive behavior was used to get the 2nd PAC passed.

I only wish ...

The superintendent was capable of using the same energy and determination to

1. Solve the JLE Special Ed crisis: an enormous need for 2 qualified teachers to serve the special needs students at JLE.

2. To keep small schools open.

3. To hire & retain highly qualified teachers and support staff

4. To attract and hire highly qualified directors and managers to the district office. Individuals that are independent and able to stand on their own professional merit, not relying on the teaching and internship of a a Superintendent.

5. To resolve to eliminate the bully epidemic in the district by vowing to recognize & eliminate bulling and aggressive behavior from your own interactions with others.

6. To demand dignity issues throughout the district to be rapidly resolved: such as the completion of a Toyon kitchen.

7. To work with all board members rather than spending thousands of tax-payer's dollars to defame and entrap those that have different priorities and points of view than your own.

8. And lastly, to bring educational solidarity to the district, rather than current and ongoing fracturing and infighting.

 In Conclusion:

You, Sir, are a controlling King, one who uses deception and fear to maintain power and position, and not a school superintendent who leads by upright character and professional resolve.

You are currently caught up in saving & protecting your own personal Kingdom; yes, it has boiled down to survival. But protecting your own Kingdom is not what a School Superintendent is called to do, especially through the use of deception and fear in order to gain & maintain one's own personal access & benefit of power and position.

And here, Sir, is where we currently stand: a community in need of a school superintendent, not a deceptive and highly feared King.

I ask you to resign, Sir. Your resignation would immediately allow new academic and educational life-blood to vibrantly flow through the students, staff, and communities of Calaveras County and CUSD. Please, Sir, step down and allow a new education life-blood to freely flow through the land

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