Monday, June 15, 2015

How Many CUSD School Board Meetings Have You Attended?

Next school board meeting is Tuesday, 

June 16, 2015 (6:30 pm) District Office 

I don't have a perfect record for attending school board meetings, however, over the last 3 years I have sat in on a large number of Calaveras Unified school board meetings (missing perhaps 5). I know who the Trustees are and how they tend to vote. I also know the district's strengths, weaknesses, and priorities. 

Because I am now better informed (more aware), I can honestly say that I don't agree with (or line up with) many of the district's priorities or spending practices. 

For these very reasons I have made school board meetings a priority in my life; there are certain times, however, I would rather not attend ... and I search for excuses to find something better or more important to do. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you? As you know, excuses are easy to come by; time and energy are valuable commodities. 

In the end, however, after I wrestle with my conscience, I usually manage to overcome my desire to navigate away from this important civic duty and resolve to attend yet another board meeting; recommitting my priority to become a better, more informed parent and citizen.

I assume most parents are like myself: time and energy are extremely limited; not enough hours in a day. That being said (and true) I still challenge you (as a parent and citizen) to make an attempt (or set a goal) to somehow attend a local school board meeting. Decisions are being made (every other Tuesday) that affect not only you, your child, and your checkbook, but the very community in which you live.

I truly hope to see you there--Allen Lujan

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