Friday, September 12, 2014

Prioritizing the Remaining Bond Money

Step One: 
Identify and Strive to Resolve Health and Dignity Issues within Calaveras Unified School District

The List: (a work in progress)

-District-wide: Remove and Replace aged portable classrooms (health/dignity issue)

-Kitchen/Cafeteria facility at Toyon Middle School (so students won't have to stand outside in the rain or cold to purchase or eat their lunch)

-Replace aged carpeting at Jenny Lind Elementary (a health hazard): some of the classroom carpets are 24 years old
-Complete ingress/egress at Jenny Lind Elementary (a safety issue)

-Functional Safety fencing around School sites (a safety issue)

-District-wide: Repair leaky classroom roofs (health and safety issue)

-Playground, Sports, & PE areas repair/resurfacing--district wide (health/safety)

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