Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inadequate Fiscal Oversight: County Office of Ed Using Outdated Accounting/Budgeting Software

–According to Terri Ryland (Newly assigned CUSD Fiscal Adviser) Calaveras County Office of Education is currently using outdated (or antiquated) tracking or accounting/budgeting software-- 

All other County Offices of Education in the State of California (except for CCOE) have upgraded to more modern budgeting or accounting software; software such as: Position control.

In her recent presentation to the Calaveras School Board, Ryland noted that CCOE (who monitors, tracks, and performs oversight of CUSD’s fiscal practices) has “no integrated position control driving the budget or payroll.”



Position control refers to a system of tracking information based on positions rather than employees. It allows you to create a framework of positions for all the jobs within your company without regard to whether you currently have an incumbent in a specific job or not.  

Position control is an essential process for the vitality of school district operations, as nearly 85 to 90 percent of school district costs reside in personnel-related expenses. A common theme generally found among school districts in fiscal distress, and those who suffer with weaker fiscal oversight and management, is a lack of a robust and strong position control system.

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