Friday, November 14, 2014

Calaveras Unified: Closing or Consolidating 2 to 3 Schools ... While (at the Same Time) Building a Performing Arts Center?

Sept. 2, 2014 CUSD School Board Agenda

PHASE II CUTS (estimated savings) need $875,000

Consolidation of Up-Country Schools $346,000 vs. $520,000 
(All to MHE vs. RRF to WPE and MHE to SAE/VSE PE and MHE to SAE/VSE)

Closure of Toyon Middle School $683,000

Elimination of Media Specialists (4.54 fte) $166,000

Reduction/Reconfiguration --Transportation $100,000-$245,000

Reduction of 3 certificated fte---Grades 7-12 $198,000

Closure of Gold Strike High School $$$TBD
**reduction of 1 principal, 2-3 certificated, classified staff and operating costs


Sept. 16, 2014--CUSD School Board Agenda (Business item e.)

Adoption of Resolution 2014/15-05:

Approval of Lease-Leaseback Contract for Carter-Kelly for the Construction of the Performing Arts Building.
It is recommended the Board approve Resolution 2014/15-05 awarding the Lease-Leaseback Contract to Carter-Kelly for the construction of the Performing Arts building.

Site Lease,
Facilities Lease,
Construction Provisions
Motion___ Second___ Vote___

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