Sunday, October 5, 2014

CUSD's Deferred Maintenance & Repair Plan: A House of Cards

The remaining bond (or building) money is actually “Matching Funds” and has ...
(1)--No time limit attached to its use. 
(2)--It can also be used for anything designated or approved under the Measure-A guidelines/restrictions—which (as Mr. Campbell stated at the 9/16 meeting) are quite varied (or general) in nature. Basically—bond money cannot be used for payroll; but it can (and should) be used to meet the district’s severe maintenance, repair, and construction needs—which are many. The level and depth of the health and dignity needs--district wide--are staggering: (this is a short list ... a work in progress):

--Roof/Ceiling Repair WPE Multipurpose Room [health and safety]
--Kitchen at TMS (16 years of Health Code violations) [health, safety, dignity]
--Remove and replace aged Portable Classrooms—district wide (at JLE most portables have original 26 y/o carpeting)—[health, safety, dignity]
--Ingress and Egress at JLE (Safety)
--Repair and/or replace leaky ceilings and roofs district-wide (JLE has had ongoing issues in this area) [health and safety]
--HVAC systems on aged classrooms and facilities (district wide) [health and safety]
--Repair and replace Playground/Sports Fields playing surfaces [health and safety]
--Repair and Replace campus fencing (boundaries and perimeters) [health, safety, modernization]
--Repair/upgrade waste-water treatment ponds (JLE and TMS) to modern standard of operation [health and safety]


The maintenance and repair outlook (and plan) for CUSD appears very bleak and short-sighted; primarily because there are not adequate funds available to meet the district's long-term needs. Ideally, there was a much more optimistic view prior to the board accepting the Lease-Leaseback agreement with Carter-Kelly (in preparation of the construction of the Performing Arts Center).

As CUSD attempts to navigate forward through a well-documented and severe budget crisis (aka fiscal dire straits), we discover (as of 9/16/2014) there are no longer sufficient funds (or a feasible plan) to adequately repair and/or maintain classrooms and/or facilities in the largest school district in Calaveras County.

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