Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A "Fair and Equitable" Solution? ($1.9 mil on the backs of CUSD bargaining units)

 It is a well known fact that the employee unions of Calaveras Unified (CUEA & CSEA) strongly "distrust" the leadership & management of CUSD.

If the truth be told, it is highly unlikely that the bargaining units will be able to carry the required $1.9 mil on their backs; the reason is clear: the CUSD unions (or bargaining units) simply do not TRUST the district leadership (which includes the Superintendent, the School Board, and the new CCOE-appointed Fiscal Adviser, Terri Ryland). The CUSD administration has clearly shown where its loyalties lie:

1. The 2 Admin raise increases ($16K each or 22% wage increase) 
2. Teachers bargained a benefit package (and it was ratified by the board--May 2014)
3. CSEA bargained a fair and equitable benefit package--May 2014 (however, after it was RATIFIED it was never put in place)

The required faith and trust for a "Fair and Equitable" solution (on the backs of the bargaining units) isn't currently there. The Superintendent and the Trustees have created (in their previous dealings and negotiations with the unions) an unstable and fragile relationship; TRUST will be difficult to regain or even to establish.

A Work in Progress
 "All for one, and one for all," (the slogan of The Three Musketeers), can NOT be applied as the bargaining campaign slogan at this time; only wishful thinking. The distrust between the parties has been festering for quite some time--stirred on by poor leadership decisions and misaligned fiscal priorities.

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