Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Final Cut: People or Programs?

It may be that the "final cut" will pit people (employees/unions) versus programs (Sports and Music).*

With Sports and Music recently removed from the list ... there was a quick realization that the only thing (or item) that could adequately match the dollar amount (as a replacement) on the Fiscal Recovery Plan List would be PEOPLE: teachers (certificated employees) and support staff (classified employees).

*The closure or consolidation of Upcountry schools also plays a major part in the CUSD Fiscal Recovery Plan, however, to the surprise of many, the Upcountry communities have not been as vocal or visible at the last three CUSD board meetings; their bargaining or negotiating power has not been as prevalent (publicly) as that of Sports and Music.

The historic Calaveras communities have every right to a dignified and "local" education and should not be set aside as an unworthy (or less valuable) cut-list item.

Fiscal Recovery Plan

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