Friday, August 8, 2014

Chief Financial Officer of Calaveras Unified has Resigned

At this time, following the resignation of a CFO (and a school district on the verge of bankruptcy and possible State takeover) an accurate accounting of all CUSD funds needs to be publicly presented and justified.

How Much of Calaveras Unified's Budget Is Actually Wages and Salaries?

At this time ...
to further community trust and involvement ...
and to allow accurate and reliable decisions to be made ...

A third party audit of CUSD’s finances 
is fully warranted.

An Independent 3rd Party Audit (a party not chosen by or affiliated with the Calaveras County Office of Education) will show--at this time--the district's full-faith attempt at absolute transparency and full disclosure.

The tax-paying citizens of Calaveras County have every right to know where there dollars have been spent (or lost) ... and where their dollars are going to be spent in the future. 

Before solid decisions can be brought forth for the future, a current and accurate bottom line audit needs to be provided. 

Light needs to be brought into the CUSD books so that all stake holders (and tax-payers) can move trustfully and confidently forward.

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