Monday, September 1, 2014

Thank You, Trustee Gustafson

For not being a ...


and ...
For being a man of conviction 
For your dedication to the students, families, and teachers of Calaveras Unified
For not being afraid to ask the hard questions (concerning Calaveras Unified) 

You are greatly Appreciated!

A Short List of the "Hard Questions" 
asked by Trustee Gustafson
(of the CUSD Administration 
and Veteran Board Members):


District Budget Concerns

Why is the CUSD Budget not presented to the Trustees on time? (the budget is ALWAYS late; leaving no time for the board to study, review, or make adjustments prior to submitting to CCOE)

Why is there a constant transferring of funds?

Why are the "Fund Categories" not labeled? (the funds being used and depleted need to be labeled to identify the source and identity ... so we (the non-accountants) can tell what is actually being done with the CUSD funds.

Why has there not been major cuts to Admin? (rather than an increase in the number of admin)

Why has the bidding and contracting process been so narrow and selective in promoting and assigning contracts to the general public? 

How much does the the district payout in lawsuits and settlements? (how much this current year and over the last 5 years in particular?)

Why has no money been paid down on the original Jenny Lind Elementary loan ... only interest?

Professional Standards

Why does the district continue to hire and/or promote individuals (teachers, administrators, and managers) that are not fully Credentialed?

Why does the district accept experience over education when hiring and/or promoting administrators, directors, and counselors?

Why does the CUSD not look outside the district when hiring for a position? (most often the district will hire from within--someone who is unqualified--before searching outside the district for a fully-qualified individual)

Health and Safety Concerns

Why does the district not have accessible and traceable maintenance records?

Why has a kitchen not been built at Toyon Middle School even after 16 years of documented health code violations?

Why has there never been an adequate (and legally mandated) ingress and egress at Jenny Lind Elementary?

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