Sunday, August 24, 2014

Is it Safe to Say that Nothing is Written in Stone?

The CUSD Fiscal Recovery Plan: 
a "Fluid Document"... or  "Written in Stone?"

Is the CUSD FISCAL RECOVERY PLAN a fluid document where items can be easily added or subtracted as need, emotion, or occasion arise? 

Sports, Music Programs Escape District Ax
By Elizabeth Roberts
Record Staff Writer 
Posted Aug. 24, 2014

"Even then, those cuts aren’t written in stone, Campbell said. The budget process will be in flux over the next several months and the overall economic picture could change in either direction, he said, possibly even dramatically enough to where the dire cuts on the list will never see the light of day." --Elizabeth Roberts, Record Staff Writer Aug. 24, 2014

Or is it a list (Recovery Plan) where items, once applied, are locked-in (set in stone) due to unforeseen circumstances that the district managers could not foresee and have no control over? 

"My fear is that those little schools are going to be on the cut list, football, sports, are going to be on that cut list, and we’re going to put our faith in you, and they’re not going to come back. … It’s been my opinion that unfortunately it does become stone.”  --Elizabeth Roberts, Record Staff Writer Aug. 24, 2014

Many community members have lost faith in the district's ability to keep its promises:

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