Saturday, August 16, 2014

Disgruntled Employee?


The question could easily be asked if my wife is a disgruntled employee of Calaveras Unified School District? The answer would easily be, “yes.” Wouldn’t you be? How could you not be when you have lost both your health and livelihood at the hands of the school district that you were dedicated to? But, what can be gained by being bitter and angry? The better question or emotion is what can be learned from all that has happened. Can something good come from this tragic outcome? Is there a higher ground and a clearer perspective that can save others (especially children) from suffering the possible same consequences? We believe my wife's medical emergency (while in her classroom at Jenny Lind Elementary) happened for a very specific reason--to raise the distress flag, to give warning of the risks that a school district will take when it has limited or no funding. I believe the lack of (or improper use of) funds is now putting our best and brightest in perilous risk.
       The risk is seen in CUSD's inadequate maintenance practices. I raise the issue concerning classrooms, buildings, and air quality; but it also begs one to consider maintenance practices in other areas, such as transportation (primarily bus safety) and kitchen facilities. A cafeteria/kitchen facility is needed at Toyon Middle School (so students will no longer have to wait in line in the rain to get their food).
            Day by day the bitterness and anger will go away; I am not so sure about the current conditions and risks. I believe it is up to us as a community. The time is now.

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