Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CUSD Leadership Must Consider Adequate Venue (& Sound System) for Aug. 5 Board Meeting

 CUSD leadership must consider holding the Aug. 5th board meeting 

(1) in a large enough venue to support community turnout

(2) an adequate and accessible PA or sound system. 

The amount of people and possible turnout has the potential to outsize the proposed Aug. 5th meeting location-- 2nd floor large green bldg

The number of concerned groups (or camps) of potential attendees warrants respect:

  • Rail Road Flat & West Point Community Representation 
  • Sports Programs Representation
  • Music & Band Representation
  • Teachers Union, Support Staff/CSEA Union Representation
  • Concerned Citizens/Tax-payers Representation
  • Representation of Concerned Parents.

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