Monday, September 1, 2014

After Being Elected ... Trustee Gustafson was Never Accepted by Superintendent Campbell or Veteran Trustees

The Price Trustee Gustafson Paid for Speaking Up
(In Opposition of the Current Board's
 Fiscal and Political Decisions)
Prior to being a CUSD school board member, Mr. Gustafson attended CUSD board meetings for 2-1/2 straight years ... 

Most of the time Mr. Gustafson was the only citizen or parent to attend these board meetings. During this time he also had the courage to speak up and ask questions of the Superintendent and veteran board members. 

However, since there was seldom anyone from the public to attend the meetings (to check the behavior and demeanor of the school board), more than once Mr. Gustafson was told (not asked) to “Sit down and shut up, Mr. Gustafson. Your time is up!” For his diligence, Mr. Gustafson was often treated disrespectfully at CUSD board meetings.

The price paid by Trustee Gustafson
 (in defense of the students, teachers, and families of CUSD)
and at a great cost (and burden) to his family

                           *  -------------------------//---------------------------  *
Fast forward to today … and Mr. Gustafson is now a CUSD Board Member. He is the (1) Trustee who continues to ask hard questions concerning issues that effect the students, teachers, and families of the school district which he was elected to serve. 

A vote of “Censure” on June 17th (by the other 4 CUSD board members) was an echo from the past and the equivalent of saying: “Sit down and shut up, Mr. Gustafson! Your time is up. We are tired of you pursuing health and safety issues, budget issues, professional credentialing issues, and issues concerning transparency and integrity!”

The Calaveras Unified Board of Trustees deliberately (under the direction of Superintendent Campbell) sought to discredit the name and integrity of the man who handed out every single diploma to the graduating seniors at the Calaveras High School Graduation. 

Mr. Gustafson must wear the vote of Censure with honor as proof that he is being targeted and marked for actually doing his job and taking his elected position seriously. His countless hours of research and phone calls to solve or better understand complicated CUSD issues and concerns are a reflection of his typical work ethic. A vote of censure is unfounded and undeserved; it should be reserved for documented cases of misrepresentation.

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