Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why was the Admin Raise so Substantial?


Why was the raise so big? 

A better question might be: what is the cost for loyalty? 

I believe (as CUSD runs into a series of severe financial storms) the Superintendent will need support: allies, officers, and trustworthy comrades to weather the rocky shores of financial disaster. No man is an island.

The two administrators, in my opinion, are receiving substantial wage increases--in advance--for their expected diligence and loyalty during the upcoming and ongoing storms (similar to the band on the Titanic that continued to “play on” while the unsinkable ocean liner slowly slipped beneath the icy water). 

There is, of course, a risk for making such a brash "loyalty" offering in broad daylight. 
There is a risk, also, for accepting such an offering. 

The next board meeting on the 22nd, will shed light on both—the one who offers . . . and the one(s) who stand to gainfully receive.

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