Friday, August 1, 2014

Why Did the Letter/Report Warning of Fiscal Distress (from County Superintendent Northington) Not Reach the Calaveras School Board?

On July 25, 2014 in the Calaveras Enterprise, CUSD Superintendent Mark Campbell reminded the CUSD Trustees of their long-term failure to act or to provide adequate fiscal oversight.

"Superintendent Mark Campbell reminded trustees that they've known their spending was chewing through more than the district took in since he took on the job five years ago. Trustees failed to address programs and activities placed on what was called the “Ugly List” – which includes consolidation of upcountry schools, cutting music and athletics throughout the district and more – that Campbell has repeatedly brought before them during study sessions over the past four to five years and overspending continued."

Classified School Staff Denied Raises
CUSD Board Begins to Trim Budget Deficit
Friday, July 25, 2014
Mike Taylor at


  • During the July 22nd meeting Board President Evan Garamendi admitted that she had never seen the letter/report from County Schools Superintendent Northington which outlines the severity of the current CUSD budget crisis.
  • How can the CUSD board make vital decisions concerning the financial issues facing the district without all the necessary documents and information being presented to them?
  • How can the board take full blame if information is not being given to them (in adequate time) to make critical decisions?

The missing/misplaced/or undelivered  Letter-Report is presented below:
 [The current status (of the CUSD budget) and straightforward direction that the Trustees needed to know, feel, and understand is found in the last paragraph on page 1 ... and pieced throughout the document as well]

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