Sunday, June 14, 2015

Warnings without Consequences Leaves CUSD Vulnerable to State Takeover

First Posted Sept. 2014

Kathy Northington, Superintendent of Calaveras County Office of Education, is elected to maintain and insure oversight of the County’s school districts.

Claudia Davis, Financial Director for CCOE, has previously warned CUSD concerning their risky spending practices.

Unfortunately, warnings--without consequences--over the course of 5 years have left CUSD vulnerable to a CDE (California Department of Education) takeover. That reality can not be ignored.

CCOE--Northington and Davis--had the power to impose stern consequences over CUSD, but simply chose to warn them. Those in charge of oversight neglectfully looked away when they should have made fiscal demands on CUSD’s spending practices.

If CCOE had exposed (and made public through the media) the risky spending practices of CUSD, perhaps we would not be currently preparing to cut teachers, close schools, and discontinue sports and band programs from our schools.

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