Friday, June 12, 2015

Superintendent Campbell Points Finger at Trustees for Current Fiscal Failure

 "Superintendent Mark Campbell reminded trustees that they've known their spending was chewing through more than the district took in since he took on the job five years ago. Trustees failed to address programs and activities placed on what was called the “Ugly List” --which includes consolidation of upcountry schools, cutting music and athletics throughout the district and more – that Campbell has repeatedly brought before them during study sessions over the past four to five years and overspending continued."
CUSD Board Begins to Trim Budget Deficit
Friday, July 25, 2014
Mike Taylor at


However, as recent as June 24th ... Superintendent Campbell was taking full responsibility for the district's budget crisis ... 

Link--Superintendent’s Comments during the June 24th CUSD Board meeting:

Superintendent Campbell said we will talk about the budget tonight. You can’t talk about budget
without referencing LCAP, and right now you can’t talk about either one without referencing a lot
of painful things budgetary. There will be no decisions made tonight. Over the last weeks there
have been some things coming to fruition that have us in a very challenging situation. The
decisions we will be making next week and over the next year will be done collectively. He holds
himself personally responsible for the position we are in today and personally responsible for
getting us out of this position. We will work as a team to protect people, programs and kids.

Sounds like the Superintendent might have changed his mind about the CUSD budget crisis. 
 Sounds like the "team" idea is off the table?

 ... and don't change your mind or shift the blame 

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