Friday, July 4, 2014

We Got the Message, Superintendent Campbell

 The last CUSD board meeting was hot and crowded. 

The outside temperature (105) made the meeting very difficult (on the inside)--physically and emotionally.

We--the public--got the message: Superintendent Campbell didn’t really want the public to attend the June 30th board meeting.

A larger room should have been used to hold the meeting. The CUSD leadership should have expected the larger than normal turnout. The choice to keep the meeting in the small boardroom was clear evidence of inadequate leadership. There was a larger (air conditioned) room available (just a few yards away in the large green building behind the district board room), but the CUSD leadership decided to make the public (their constituents) very uncomfortable. If the Superintendent was trying to make the public (their constituents) beat down—they succeeded.

Furthermore, we pay the district’s Chief Technology Officer well over a hundred thousand dollars a year … but we were barely able to hear during the board meeting because there were no microphones--not one.

So there we are—the people, the tax-payers, and the parents—stuffed into a small, hot, over-crowed boardroom … without an adequate voice to be heard. This was no accident; we suffered through the evening … but it didn’t have to be this way.

It is a further shame that Enterprise reporter Mike Taylor in his article--Cuts are Coming to CUSD--did not interview the teachers that were being un-hired. Some of those teachers were in attendance—they spoke and shed tears.

There was no mention in the article of the public outcry; Mr. Taylor, the Enterprise reporter, minimized (and ignored) the obvious story right in front of him--Mismanagement by Calaveras Unified (with full consent and blessings from Kathy Northington, Superintendent of Schools for Calaveras County Office of Education).

With an election in the future … it is highly suggested that we remember the June 30th CUSD board meeting (the feeling of being small, hot, and voiceless) when we mark our ballots.

Allen Lujan, Sacred School Grounds

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