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No Justification for CUSD Administrative Pay Increases

July 8, 2014
Email: (From Allen Lujan to CUSD Superintendent Campbell)

Superintendent Campbell,
With the current concerns and focus on the CUSD budget, I am wondering what benefit is gained (for the district) by moving both Directors to range 2(b)?

Link: CUSD Management Salary Schedule

From the citizen's point of view (or the point of view of CSEA) the CUSD Superintendent negotiated a pay increase for 2 members of the CUSD administration team while ignoring the voice or need of the district's lower paid support staff. There does not seem to be a justification that can adequately explain or allow such a move (or increase in pay) during this critical time of financial instability.

1. This move shows favoritism to administration.
2. This move creates a wedge of distrust and unrest between the CUSD administration and the district's support staff (CSEA).
3. This move was not fully and completely explained during the June 24th meeting and gives the appearance of manipulation and deceit.
4. This move appears to cause (or add to) the district's current and ongoing financial distress.
5. This move makes it harder for the public to fully believe in the district's ongoing claim of transparency.

If it can be shown that these moves 4(b) to 2(b) have, in fact, reduced the salaries of the 2 Directors in question (and thereby benefitted the district financially), please share these numbers with the public (and CUSD employees) so that trust (and integrity) can be fostered between all parties interested in the longterm financial health of Calaveras Unified.

Respectfully, Allen Lujan


July 9, 2014
Superintendent's Response to above email:

Superintendent Mark Campbell:

"While there is an increase to the salary earned in 2013/14, it is not a "negotiated pay raise", it is a restoration of positions."

"I acknowledge your points #1-5 and will work through those issues ongoing."

Mark Campbell
Calaveras Unified

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