Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fiscal Mismanagement of Public Funds ... and an Absence of Accountability

Calaveras County Office of Education
Claudia C Davis
Associate Superintendent

Role & Responsibilities:

Calaveras County Office of Education’s Business Services division provides numerous services to County Office programs, local school districts, and others to insure responsible fiscal management of public funds. Services range from payroll and accounting to auditing and state reporting.

Through the department, the financial needs of Calaveras County’s local school districts are served by maintaining fiscal oversight for all K-12 school districts. We provide budget reviews, year-end un-audited financial report reviews, annual audit reviews, vendor payment reviews, daily cash monitoring, month-end county treasury fund reconciliations, statewide accounting and financial updates, and state financial and ADA software support.


Superintendent Campbell Statement
June 30th, 2014 CUSD Board Meeting Minutes: pg 10
Superintendent Campbell stated that 3 things had to happen just to balance our budget for 2014/15: 8 teacher jobs rescinded, ROP monies placed into the general fund and CSEA’s TA backed out of the budget. We are where we are because we could not make the hard decisions to close a small school, cancel band and sports. The reality is we should have been operating on a 30:1 class-size ratio 5 years ago. We should have reduced pay to get us out of that deficit spending mode, and now because we held off and hoped we would see an increase in revenues, we are at this point. What got us here was adding staff and agreeing to negotiated agreements with our bargaining units.

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