Friday, August 1, 2014

Changing the Face of the "Ugly List"--Community Generated Ideas/Proposals/Suggestions

Changing the Face of  the "Ugly List"

In an attempt to save time and energy
(In Preparation for the Next Calaveras Unified Board Meeting on Aug. 5th,)
 a public and/or communitylist of ideas/solutions/suggestions
 is being generated and collected .

An Ongoing Work in Progress
Promoting Public Ideas ... Solutions ... Discussions

Idea/Proposal--Change all CUSD elementary schools to a K-8 configuration. A large number of school districts have changed to this configuration as a cost saving measure.

Idea/Proposal--Closure of Toyon Middle School (Creates a potential satellite campus for Delta Junior College--if leased to College District this would provide potential income for CUSD)

Suggestion--Keep cuts as far away from students (or the classroom) as possible.

Reminder--If sports and/or athletic programs are cut or removed then a large number of families will enroll their students/children/athletes into other nearby districts who continue to have sports programs (Linden, Lodi, Brett Harte)

Reminder--The Friends of Railroad Flat Elementary has been a vibrant and active community role model. The group or organization has shown how a small community can work together to handle and solve the greater number of financial issues that often plague a small, isolated, rural elementary school.

Reminder--Make sure that all stakeholders are presented with information and included in the decision making process. There is a vast wealth of knowledge and creativity living in our community.

Question (?)--If the Up-Country schools were consolidated, which elementary school would become the hub for the consolidation?

Idea/Proposal--a. Seek to cut or reduce administration first (VP's, Management, Directors) before cutting teachers (cutting teachers only leads to an increase in student to teacher ratio)
                         --b. Maybe it's time for some admin cuts, whether that means positions or wages.

Question (?)--How much is spent on testing and the implementation of testing? How much would be saved if we didn't waste time on a week or two of testing?

Question (?)--What about not spending the money on new Common Core curriculum. Why don't we just reuse the same curriculum from years past.

Idea/Proposal--What about books? Maybe they could not purchase new books?

 Idea/Proposal--Perhaps instead of directors in sports, teachers or parents could facilitate? as volunteers.

JULY 31, 2014

Question--wonder if solar would help defray what must be huge electric bills. Maybe the district could sell back some energy. (Answer?)PG&E doesn't buy back energy from their customers...just saying because I have a solar system on my house and as of right now they don't have that option.

Idea/Proposal--Maybe it's asking that parents pay a fee for kids to play sports or be in music programs?

Idea/Proposal--Maybe it's ensuring the classrooms aren't at 65 degrees every day to save on energy costs. 

Idea/Proposal--Maybe it's asking for businesses to donate to support programs.

Question--So my only question is what do I need to do to transfer my kids to another high school where sports are offered?

Idea/Proposal--West Point School has a great facility! The building isn't in desperate need of repair. Our kids wouldn't have to spend hours a day on a bus. Combing West Point and Rail Road Flat would benefit both community's! Losing both local schools would cause many issues. A few of which, home prices would fall, people would move their kids away, homes would sit empty because nobody would move to a neighboring towns without a school. Businesses here would close. The economical impact would create a ghost town in two community's.

Idea/Proposal--(related to above proposal)Moke Hill could easily be bused to San Andreas!

Idea/Proposal--The Superintendent was asked about consolidating the districts and he said that the other districts wouldn't go for it

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