Sunday, June 14, 2015

Calaveras Unified CFO Unqualified to Navigate Slow-Approaching "Perfectly Visible Storm"


A “perfect storm,” consisting of a variety of factors (internal and external, specific to projected versus actual revenue and expenditures), all came together mid-June as part of the budget building process and have us where we are today
Calaveras Enterprise Opinion Page
Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 6:00 am
By Mark Campbell

A response to Superintendent Campbell's "Perfect Storm" ...

Unqualified and inadequately skilled "fiscal managers" (Calaveras Unified Superintendent, the Director of Fiscal Services, and an uninformed School Board--often left in the dark concerning fiscal "details") navigated the CUSD fiscal ship directly into the eye of a “PERFECTLY VISIBLE,” all-consuming storm; this fiscal disaster could have been avoided (or at least minimized with proper and adequate fiscal knowledge and preparation). Sorry, no sympathy here.  This was not a “Perfect Storm” of circumstances as CUSD Superintendent Campbell claims; unfortunately (especially for the community), the CUSD leadership is attempting to weather the community-destroying storm with the very same people who should have (and could have) avoided the storm in the first place. The Calaveras Unified CFO is not qualified; she is now receiving oversight from a highly-paid fiscal adviser (at tax-payer expense) and also from the County Office of Education CFO (Claudia Davis, Associate Superintendent of Business Services). That much backup and oversight is the first clue that something is seriously wrong.

 I am a teacher. And like all teachers, I set out daily to do my job independent of others having to double-check or manage my students and classroom affairs (because that is what I am paid to do). If 2 additional teachers (or managers) were overseeing my daily classroom management ... that would be evidence enough that I am no longer able to adequately do my job.

Or, perhaps, I could just explain away the increased oversight as necessary; due to a number of unforeseen and unexpected factors. The first and primary reason, of course, is that I'm the unfortunate victim of a "perfect storm" of circumstances. Hmmmm ... Being a victim doesn't fly to well in the professional teaching world; teachers everyday have to deal with "unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances."

The first order of business should be to replace the CFO with a fully qualified fiscal manager. Leaving the books in the same hands that ran the ship aground is a huge mistake and will only complicate and compound the current budget crisis even further.

Time for a new Calaveras Unified CFO; one who can not only see the storms as they are slowly approaching, but who can also navigate the fiscal ship away from harm and danger, and into safe and protected waters as need (and circumstance) arise.
 --Allen Lujan

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  1. Good for you Mr. Lujan for standing up for what is right and not allowing the county to put their "spin" on the facts in order to protect their backside. I agree the CFO should be replaced as she was never qualified for the position in the first place, However, not all the blame should be placed on her shoulders. The person who hired her (Mr. Campbell?) displayed lack of good judgement and management skills by hiring an unqualified individual to such an important position. But then again, that's is the norm for today's society. Those in high positions screw up, lie about it, and move on without any consequences to them. However, there is always consequences to be paid when mistakes are made. Unfortunately, it is the students, the parents, and the teachers of this community who will pay the consequences for the CUSD Leadership oversights. Kind of ironic don't you think; we hold our students accountable for being responsible for their attendance and school work, yet as adults the CUSD Leadship shows no accountability on their behalf.