Monday, September 1, 2014

A Vote of "No Confidence" Echoes Through Calaveras Unified and the Community

True leadership realizes its weaknesses and makes wise choices (hiring capable, qualified professionals).

A vote of "No Confidence" is loudly echoing through the district and the community.

I don't think it would be a wise "solution" to leave those in office, including the Superintendentwho have greatly mismanaged the district finances--which is tax-payer money. 
  • The Superintendent did not keep the board fully informed and aware of the level and depth of the Calaveras Unified fiscal crisis.
  • The Superintendent did not inform the board when he put together the steps and process that would lead to the (2) substantial admin wage increases. This shows distrust and manipulation on the part of the Superintendent, as well as poor leadership and a lack of good judgement during a district-threatening fiscal crisis.
  • "Solutions" for a large number of us in the community can be seen as changing or replacing those who have had opportunities (for a number of years) and have failed miserably--they have had their day.
  • Do you leave "unqualified" personnel in a place or position to further inflict damage? Do you also give them pay raises? 
  • Solutions--sleeve rolling--is often making functional (thought-worthy) changes, to prevent going down the same path (or road) of financial distress and mismanagement. 

  • Sorry, solutions, are sometimes being honest about a district's poor behavior and mismanagement; we can't keep going down the same road with the same unqualified players. 

  • True leadership realizes its weaknesses and makes hard changes (hiring capable, qualified professionals).

  • Awareness of this truth will lead to positive and productive "solutions" in the near future; awareness (of mismanagement) which leads to positive change ... is a powerful solution.

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