Friday, August 1, 2014

A Tug-a-War Over Limited Educational Funds

Great flexibility, understanding, and patience will be needed during the upcoming CUSD budget cut discussions.

Limited funds and high value placed on saving or keeping certain programs has the potential to raise stress levels to higher than normal levels and to strain otherwise normal "friendly" relationships.

 Tug-a-warring over limited educational funds has the potential to bring out the best or worst in people; lets pray that the process makes us stronger as a community and does not undermine our "friendship" potential ... Not to mention: the kids will be watching us very closely!

 It seems we are being challenged as a community and as individuals to bring our best attributes (attitude, behavior, patience, voice, demeanor, words, and understanding) ... forward. I for one accept the challenge ... and hope you do as well. --Allen Lujan

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