Thursday, August 28, 2014

Understanding the CUSD Budget Crisis

Reporter Mike Taylor of the Calaveras Enterprise reported today (June 27, 2014) in CUSD Budget in Dire Straits

“CUSD’s budget has been classified as “qualified” for the past three quarters, a condition that in school parlance means that a district cannot demonstrate it can pay its bills in what are referred to as “out years,” the two years beyond the current budget year. “


POSITIVE: The district is projected to be able to meet its financial obligations all three years.

QUALIFIED: It is projected that the district may not meet its financial obligations in one of the three years.

NEGATIVE: It is projected that district will not be able to meet its financial obligations in the current or next fiscal year.

To better understand the budget certification process—Qualified vs. Negative—view the CSBA article: Understanding Qualified & Negative Certification and the Role of the County Office of Education--pg 6 

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