Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CUSD Budget Crisis

Board Meeting on Monday (June 30th) will decide the financial fate of Calaveras Unified. CUSD must have an approved budget before the end of June. Parents, Citizens, and Tax-Payers are encouraged to attend.

At the previous CUSD board meeting (Tuesday, June 24, 2014) the Director of Finances, Titia Ashby, reported CUSD was $1.8 million in debt.

The meeting was also attended by Kathy Northington, Calaveras County Superintendent of Schools, and Claudia Davis Financial Director for CCOE. Claudia Davis has previously warned CUSD concerning their risky spending practices.

During the meeting on Tuesday, the Board (because of the severity of the current budget) also approved a resolution to rescind the contracts of 8 newly hired teachers.

The current budget status is viewed as both critical and severe; the upcoming board meeting on Monday will be used to decide which “big ticket” items will be cut from the CUSD budget in an attempt to reduce the current gap or short fall.

The current budget status (Qualified to Negative) puts CUSD on radar for the State to step in and takeover the district. 

Potential “Cut List” items:

Railroad Flat Elementary School
CUSD Sports Programs
CUSD Band Program
Upgrade of Toyon Middle School Kitchen


Resource to understanding Qualified and Negative Budget Certifications (Presented by CSBA—California School Board Association)

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