Friday, May 30, 2014

These elections are the heart & soul ...

This year (2014) is a very important year for the voters & taxpayers in Calaveras County.

We the people will be asked to vote for 2 Board of Supervisors and 3 Calaveras Unified School Board Trustees. 

These elections are the heart and soul of how we conduct business in Calaveras County.

If you are satisfied with the way our government, and school district conducts our business then vote them back in office.

If you desire a change then you need to seek our qualified candidates to campaign against the incumbents.  The choice is yours.  You must get involved to make a change. 

The people you elect are responsible for representing you in Local government. What will you demand from them?

We the people have power over the billionaire’s, special interests groups (and those who want bigger and bigger government).  

No matter who runs for political office they must be voted in by you? If you want change then vote for change.  --Don Most

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