Sunday, June 14, 2015

Directional Change and Institutional Renovation

Change will not happen over night.
not a one-time event.
The academic and educational climate within  Calaveras Unified School District is in dire need of directional change and institutional renovation.

As citizens (and participants) in the educational community, we must consider the enormous possibilities for change ...

Three out of five votes and the superintendent can be replaced.

Change the Superintendent ... 
Change the current culture and climate ... 
CUSD would immediately (and positively) benefit from a change in management-- 

in areas such as:
  • Leadership and Integrity*
  • Academics and Classroom Management*
  • Facilities and Maintenance*
  • Financial Accounting and Vendor Contracts*
  • Credentials and Professionalism*
  • Student Counseling and Support (Academic and Emotional)*
  • Behavior (Civility) and a Safe School Environment*
*These are the very same reasons (areas of concern) that students and families are currently leaving Calaveras Unified in growing numbers.

When it comes to working towards (and earnestly seeking) positive and beneficial change in regards to Calaveras Unified School District, Sacred School Grounds is prepared to go the distance. 

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