Thursday, February 13, 2014

CHS Food Court: PRO PAC 9810 Containers Remain

First Posted Aug. 2013
CHS Food Court: PRO PAC 9810 Container (blue) 
Pro Pac 9810: Notice on Container Label:
"Improper disposal or reuse of this container may be 
dangerous and illegal."

PRO PAC 9810 Container
 --Property of Calaveras Unified School District--

  • The PRO PAC and 900 Series Products consist of aluminum based formulations. 
  • These products are widely used in municipal water, waste water and industrial waste applications:
  • CUSD operates 2 Waste Water Treatment Facilities:
  • *Jenny Lind Elementary Waste Water Treatment Pond & Facility
    *Toyon Middle School Waste Water Treatment Pond & Facility

Has the white PRO PAC 9810 label been removed?
  • What happens if the label has been removed? How would someone (parent, student, or citizen) be able to identify the container as a PRO PAC 9810 container? 
  • Even if the label has been removed or the container has been repainted, the PRO PAC 9810 containers are easily identified by a specific US Patent number:                     

  • When the containers were first identified and brought to CUSD's attention, school was not in session (Summer Break) and students were not on campus using the CHS food court area. 
  • Students, however, have been back in school (and using the food court area) since July 29. 
  • We are now entering week #2 of the 2013-2014 school year and the PRO PAC 9810 containers remain in place at the CHS food court area.
  • Who is at risk? CHS and CUSD administrators are not at risk; the risk belongs to the students that occupy the food court on a daily basis. 
  • The CHS students are innocent bystanders in regards to this health issue; they have no knowledge or awareness (and thereby no concern) for the durable blue containers chained to tables where they often eat, rest, study, and socialize.

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