Sunday, August 10, 2014

PRO PAC 9810 Containers & CUSD Mission Statement

PRO PAC 9810 Container in CHS Food Court

CUSD Mission Statement:

1. Personal Excellence for all students.
2. Achieve high academic standards in a safe school environment.
3. Make informed moral, ethical, and responsible decisions.

Notice on PRO PAC 9810 label:
"Improper disposal or reuse of this container may be dangerous and illegal"
  • Because they have not been informed, CHS students are innocent bystanders in regards to this potential health hazard; they (the students) have no knowledge or awareness (and therefore no thoughtful or critical concern) for the durable blue containers chained to lunch tables where they often eat, rest, study, or socialize.
  • When the containers were first identified and brought to CUSD's attention, school was not in session (Summer Break) and students were not on campus using the CHS food court area.
  • Students, however, have been back in school (and using the food court area) since July 29.
  • We are now entering week #2 of the 2013-2014 school year and the PRO PAC 9810 containers remain in place at the CHS food court area.

Who is at risk? CUSD administrators are NOT at risk; the risk belongs to the students that occupy the food court on a daily basis.


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