Friday, August 1, 2014

Tracking PRO PAC 9810 Containers on CUSD Campuses

PRO PAC 9810 
  • The PRO PAC and 900 Series Products consist of aluminum based formulations. 
  • These products are widely used in municipal water, waste water and industrial waste applications: 
  • CUSD operates 2 Waste Water Treatment Facilities:
Jenny Lind Elementary Waste Water Treatment Pond/Facility 
Toyon Middle School Waste Water Treatment Pond/Facility

Pro Pac 9810 (Blue Container)
Toyon Middle School Waste Water Treatment
Facility Pump House

Toyon Middle School Pump House

Pro Pac 9810: Notice on Container Label:
"Improper disposal or reuse of this container may be 
dangerous and illegal."

 Calaveras High School
Pro Pac 9810 Container (with top removed)
Used as trash can (chained to lunch table)

Calaveras High School Food Court
(3 blue Pro Pac 9810 containers)
Converted to trash cans
CHS Food Court:
Pro Pac 9810 Container next to water faucet
CHS Food Court
Toyon Middle School Food Court with
blue Pro Pac 9810 container in foreground
Valley Springs Elementary School:
Pro Pac 9810 drum (cut in half) used as garden container
(growing edibles/herbs)

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