Saturday, June 13, 2015

CUSD: Unable to Maintain Current Facilities

Portable Classroom: SanAndreas Elementary
The $4 million dollars remaining in bond money would go a long way (right now) to improve the current condition of the CUSD facilities.

Calaveras High School Tennis Courts
A performing arts center . . . or safe and healthy schools and classrooms? This question (as a vote) was put before the CUSD school board on June 25th.

On a 3-1-1 vote, the board voted in favor of pursuing a performing arts center.

It was made clear during the meeting that as far as the superintendent and the school board  were concerned (excluding Gustafson and Geramendi), the current condition of the schools did not warrant the use of the $4 million dollars remaining in bond  money; even though the original bond was entitled  the "School Repair and Construction  Bond of 2006" (not the performing arts bond).

Floating reed island: JLE Waste Water Pond

However, if you go on a tour of the CUSD school sites, you will find plenty of evidence that CUSD could use a large dose of maintenance and renovation.

In fact, if one tours/visits/walks the CUSD campuses there is plenty of evidence showing longterm neglect on the part of CUSD (the trustees and the superintendent) for not adequately maintaining its current facilities.

Jenny Lind Elementary: 26 Year-old Portable Classrooms
with original carpeting

It doesn't appear (from looking at the evidence) that CUSD is equipped or prepared to add a performing arts center to it's list of facilities to manage, operate, or maintain.

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