Monday, June 8, 2015

CUSD Budget Priorities: Health & Saftey or PAC?

The CUSD school board recently voted in favor of pursuing a concept design for a $4 million dollar (300 seat) performing arts center--$3 million for the building and $750,000 for new design and DSA approval.

Cracks & Weeds: CHS Tennis Courts
As CUSD moves forward in the pursuit of a performing arts center, there is increased urgency and concern as the last time the board (and Superintendent) went down this very same path it cost the district (and the community) $48,000.00 dollars to cancel the loan/COP set in place to fund the proposed performing arts center. I fear there will again be financial miss steps (poor decision making and cost overruns) that will greatly cost the district (and the community) and take away the district's ability to keep and maintain qualified teachers and classified staff.

The impact of poor decisions will hit (and effect) all of us, but primarily the CUSD employees (and students). As you can see (by the photos provided), CUSD already has a very difficult time maintaining current facilities.

TMS Basketball Court
My goal, as a concerned parent and citizen, is to share current information so that all involved (classified, certified, and community members) will be fully aware of what is exactly at stake. CUSD and the educational community stand at a critical financial crossroads; the pursuit of a performing arts center carries enormous weight and will impact both CUSD and the educational community for years to come.

TMS Food Service Trailer
Valley Springs Elementary

Current and Urgent Needs:
  • Toyon Middle School lacks a kitchen (health/safety/dignity) 
  • JLE lacks a complete ingress and egrees (safety) 
  • District-wide: remove and replace aged portable classrooms (health/dignity) 
  • Replace aged classroom carpeting (health/dignity) 
  • Replace aged campus fencing--district wide (safety) 
  • Playground, Sports, & PE areas repair/resurfacing--district wide (health/safety)

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