Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Trustee's Responsibility

First Posted Oct 2013
Prior to the acceptance & promotion of an approximately $4 million dollar performing arts center 
(3 million for the building and possible $750,000 for new design and DSA approval);

 Trustees please consider the following:

1. Have you, as a CUSD Trustee, currently visited (and toured) each campus, program, and classroom within the district?

2. Have you, as a CUSD Trustee, recently toured (and gone inside) the 26 year old portables at Jenny Lind Elementary? Were you aware that these portable classrooms (except for room 51) have original carpeting?

3. Are you, as a CUSD Trustee, fully aware of the state of the district facilities? On a scale of 1(poor) to 10 (exceptional) how would YOU rate the district facilities?

4. Have you, as a CUSD Trustee, visited (and toured) the two CUSD waste water treatment ponds and facilities operated by the district?

5. Have you, as a CUSD Trustee, visited the Toyon Middle School food/snack hut (and trailer)? Have you also seen first-hand the working conditions of the CUSD food service providers within those facilities?

6. Have you, as a CUSD Trustee, walked the playgrounds, athletic fields, and sports facilities at each CUSD campus?

The children of Calaveras Unified School District rely upon you (the Trustees) to protect and provide a healthy, safe, & dignified school environment. Before you vote, please consider the above questions and the overall (long-term) impact of your decisions.

Respectfully, Allen Lujan
(Citizen, Parent, Educator)

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