Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Request for Dignity

First Posted May 2013
I recently saw this sign posted inside an elevator at a major medical center. It makes sense; common sense.

I immediately thought about the Special Education students that spend the bulk of their day in the "Learning Center" at Jenny Lind Elementary School. The portables that make up the “Learning Center" on the JLE campus are 25 years old with original carpeting (portable classrooms 61, 62, & 63). Special Education students have their own set of challenges--like compromised immune systems--and should not spend hours, days, and years in aged portable classrooms.

Perhaps this sign (requesting dignified behavior and common courtsey) should be posted on all the aged portables at JLE? 

Embracing the fullness of the posted message would be to remove all Special Education students from outdated portables.

Standing up for these students would be to NOT allow them (the compromised students) to occupy aged portables that have  inadequate HVAC systems and 25 year old carpeting--and no maintenance records.

On the JLE campus there are non-portable classrooms available.  Challenged students should not be put into environments that further compromise their ability to learn, grow, and thrive.

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