Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out of Order

There are some areas within Calaveras Unified 
(our local school district) 
that could (and should) be tagged--
Sometimes you just know
(or have a sense) that things 
are not right. 
TMS Basketball Court

TMS: Open Boxcar with Deteriorating Gym Mats

CHS: (FFA) Weeds, Deteriorating Green House

CHS: Tennis Courts

JLE: Floating Reed Island in Waste Water Pond

TMS: Aged Food Service Trailer

TMS: Food Service Trailer Window

TMS: Water Tank (Inoperable Water Gauge)

TMS Gym: Cliff Swallow Nest
TMS Gym--Cliff Swallow Excrement

Valley Springs Elementary: Boarded Window

JLE: 26 year-old Portable Classrooms (with original carpeting--except #51)

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