Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Draw a Line in the Sand

      When it comes to Calaveras Unified
       and the education of your child

                  ..........Require & Expect..........

Safe and Healthy facilities
            Removal of Aged Portables
            Removal of Aged Carpeting
            Current and Accessible Maintenance Records
            An indoor kitchen at Toyon Middle School
                        (Students currently stand outside in all weather conditions to purchase food)

To be informed of all Health and Dignity issues:
            Classrooms closed due to mold and or moisture issues
            Cliff Swallow nesting issues: diseases, protocol for removal
Fully Qualified teachers:
Credentialed Intervention Teachers teaching intervention (Not classroom aids or  assistants)

Fully Qualified administrators:
            Minimum of 3-5 years of teaching experience (Prior to becoming Administrator)
Classroom teaching experience within the population to be served as administrator: elementary, middle school, or high school

Fully Qualified Directors and/or Managers:
Professional experience/background (3-5 years) in field (Finance/Accounting/ Special Education/Technology) prior to holding position  
College degree (BA or BS) in field (Finance/Accounting/Special Education/Technology) prior
to holding position
Honest and Knowledgeable School Board Members
Board Member credentials must be verifiable (To reports/statements made in media and voter guides)

Budget/Money spent with Oversight, Accountability, and Transparency
            Accurate accounting of bond money--oversight and accountability
            Unfavored Bidding for Public Contracts
            Accurate accounting of deferred maintenance money

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