Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In the Works: Parent Advocacy Workshops

Taking Steps to Protect Your Child’s Interests

Sponsored by Sacred School Grounds (SSG)

Assertive & Effective Parent Advocacy:
            Prepare for meetings
            Keep Records
            Collaborate w/ other parents
            Persist for positive change
Letter Writing:
            Letter writing is essential to effective parent advocacy
Basic (nuts and bolts) of writing business letters
Sample/template Letters
Strategies to ensure your letters accomplish their purpose
Using logs, calendars, and journals to create paper trails

Special Education:
            IEP Process
            Letter Writing

Preparation of Formal Complaints
            Preparation of a Williams Complaint
            Preparation of a Uniform Complaint
            Complaints Concerning District Employees

Recognizing Bully Leadership
Distinguish between leadership and bullying

Tutoring Connections

Portable Classrooms: The Risks
Mold in my school?
Sick Buildings & Health Related Issues
Tracking Health Issues
Contacting Cal-OSHA

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