Friday, October 31, 2014

Health Risks & Portable Classrooms: Research & Reports

Do School Facilities Really Impact A Child's Education?

The Crisis - Facilities

Study: Portable Classrooms Noisy, Pose Health Risks to Children | Fox News,2933,575542,00.html#ixzz2OIJ3pPRp

Toxic Schools

Introducti​on to Molds | Mold Remediatio​n in Schools and Commercial Buildings |
US Environmen​tal Protection Agency

"Evaluatin​g Potential Health Risks in Relocatabl​e Classrooms​" by Katchen, Mark; LaPierre, Adrienne; Charlin, Cary; Brucker, Barry; Ferguson, Paul - Journal of School Health, Vol. 71, Issue 4, April 2001 | Questia, Your Online Research Library

In Potomac, Portable Classrooms Are a Persistent Headache

Exploring The Legal Implications of IAQ in Portable Classrooms

CNN Report--Schools Making Kids Sick?

                   Lists, Collections, Handbooks
The Center for School Mold Help

The Green Schools Handbook
How to Protect Children in the Classroom and Create Toxic-Free Environments

NCEF Resource List: Portable Classrooms

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