Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Direction Needed for CUSD

First Posted Jan 2013

Our neighbors are having a hard time. They are looking to decrease teachers and even consolidate their local districts**. We are also having a hard time. However, we are approaching hard times a little differently. We are attempting to finance a performing arts center during this current economic down turn. That's correct: while we try to survive the hard times, we are complicating our troubles a little more by refinancing or borrowing money (from some of our previous loans or debts) in order to finance a performing arts center.

**Economic Troubles Close to Home:
“We have been spending down our reserves to ride out this recession and downturn in our local and state economy,” Chimente said. “That has lasted longer than our reserve dollars.”
"The study would examine the financial impacts of unifying. Advocates believe it could cut down dramatically on administrative costs and put more money in classrooms."


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