Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dear Daughters

First Posted Oct. 2012
Dear Daughters,

I feel I must let you know why I have chosen to run for school board. Because two of you are students at Calaveras High School is only a small part of the reason. Ideally, I have strong concerns for this school district—for students, families, teachers, and support staff. Even though your mother lost her health and professional dignity at the hands of the school district; I do not run for revenge. I run to make things better; so others won’t have to experience what we have. My eyes have been opened and I can’t deny what I have seen. Knowing what I know … I can’t walk away. My conscience won’t allow me. You must know that certain things actually cause me to be anxious and to lose many hours of sleep:

I don’t worry about winning or losing the election; I worry about small communities trying to hang onto their local schools only to loose the battle because of the district’s inability to make wise financial decisions.

I worry about students (compromised special education students) spending hundreds of hours in aged and deteriorating portables when there are other (healthier) classrooms available for use.

I fear there are employees being poorly evaluated; not because of their ability, but because they may speak up (with honesty) for what they believe is the best interest of a student.

I fear parents and families are not being fully and honestly informed of environmental health risks—like mold, moisture, and illnesses as they occur in aged portables and classrooms.

I fear that hard working employees will no longer be able to support their families.

My desire, honestly, is to make a difference and a positive change; this change would also impact you … as you are both currently students at Calaveras High School. As I focus on this challenge, I worry about the large amount of time that I will not be able to spend with you. I hope you will forgive me for being preoccupied. I believe you understand my concerns and fears, but I want you to hear it from me. There are some things that you can’t walk away from; sometimes you have to hold your ground, stand tall, and fight. And this, my daughters, is one of those times.

I love you--Daddy

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