Monday, June 1, 2015

Sacred School Grounds: Community Awareness & Positive Change

First Posted Oct. 2012
As citizens of Calaveras County and parents of children who currently attend Calaveras Unified School District, our ultimate goal is to have something “good” or “positive” come from my wife’s respiratory arrest and seizure while in her 24 year-old portable classroom at Jenny Lind Elementary; the goal is to bring transparency and awareness to an issue that affects potentially every student and teacher that spends time in an aged classroom portable. Whether it’s because of budget woes or deferred maintenance, the public must be aware of the risks that CUSD is taking in relation to facilities and the health of the occupants—students, teachers, and support staff.

The goal (of Sacred School Grounds) is to bring this issue out into the open and to make positive changes for the future; not to dismiss, ignore, or wait for another tragic event to occur. Leadership, accountability, and transparency can make an enormous difference in finding a positive solution to this vital health and education issue. Cal/OSHA is here to help bring about that positive change. The idea is to make sure we don’t repeat (or continue) the history of the past; we rely on the educational leaders of our community to set forth a dignified (healthier) path for tomorrow.

Allen Lujan—Husband, Father, Teacher, Citizen

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