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Classroom History Questionnaire

                 FIRST POSTED AUG. 2012
Due to the unfortunate condition of some of our local schools, there is something else to consider (besides new shoes and a backpack) at the beginning of a school year. It is always important to get to know the new teacher, however, it is just as important to become very familiar with your child's school environment--particularly the classroom(s).  

One way to get information on the "healthiness" of your child's classroom is to ask for it (in writing). This basic information (which should be provided to you by the school site administrator or school district office) is vital to the overall success and healthiness of the learning environment that your child spends hours in ...on a daily basis. Make sure it is an environment that is healthy for learning and growing.

Here are a few important classroom history/maintenance questions that you (as a parent or guardian) would benefit from knowing . . . you are your child's best and foremost advocate.

Classroom History Questionnaire
(permission to copy, print, or reproduce)

Name of School: ____________________________________               Date: _________

Room #_______    Teacher: ___________________________              Grade: ________

Students last name (optional): ____________________________________

Type of classroom building:      Portable_____             Stucco____

If a portable classroom:  Age of portable______   Built/Manufactured: __________________

Date HVAC System last maintained/checked: ______/______/_____    By: ______________

Age of Carpet: _______             Last replaced: _____

Classroom closed due to mold or moisture?     Mold /  Moisture / Mold & Moisture

Date classroom was closed: __________            Date cleared for re-entry: ________

Illness(es) related to classroom environment: __________________________      Date: _________

Major ceiling/roof leaks: ___________              Date repaired: ___________

Complaint(s) of Odor/Poor Air Quality: ____________________________________

Date Resolved: ______________ 

School Administrator: ___________________________              Date: _________

Maintenance & Operations: _______________________             Date: _________

Mailing Address where information can be mailed/returned:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone #s: (H) ____________________     (C) ________________________________

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